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Hello faithful friends and to those who I have not met. Welcome to my little corner of the internet,

This place houses my imagination. My love of watercolor. My love of whimsical illustrations for both children and adults. Here I will upload my creations and entice you to drop in and sit for a while. Here we will leave the world behind and take a trip where all things are possible. Knitting mice and rats. Birds that talk. Fairy’s that dance and light the way. Witches that are kind and sought for their knowledge and skill. The earth blooms every day with new chances. So pull up a chair or a tuffet and sit down. I’ll pour tea. We will chat and before long you will be under enchantment.

A little about me, and believe me there is more to tell, I was the child of an artist. I grew up in the studio playing with crayons and paints. I saw the world that others seemed to lose vision to. Even my own mother turned her back on the magic of life. Yes, I had a fairy tale childhood, but then, not all fairy tails have sunshine and roses. Mine was one of those types of fairy tales. Good, bad, sad, and redemption. During my life, I have lived in Switzerland, Greece and Ireland. In Switzerland I went to school as a young girl, I spent a reckless summer in Greece and I learned to knit, crochet, tat, needle point and paint in Ireland.

I currently reside in the United States in Pensacola Florida but I divide my time between the US and Germany where I have a second studio. There you can find me busy painting the German landscape with little fairies and enchanted woodland creatures.

I have been published in several magazines such as Digital Studio, and Digital Art to name two. I work with business designing illustrations and logos for them. I teach classes on watercolor and repurposing common items for use in art.

So please, sit a while. Let my art speak to you. Let me show you some of what I do. My website is constantly growing and developing, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter that will keep you up to date.

Until we met again, take care. Remember to look through those rose colored glasses from time to time. You just might see me looking back.


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