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Logos / Branding


From the Studio Files, examples of logos that have been created for clients.



Woolhouse contacted me about a year ago to have this created for them. I simple little logo that reflected their Wool distribution company. They later infused my watercolor in their business cards and labels.

Citrus Protect

Created for a citrus company. They specialized in a custom make formula that would protect citrus. The Logo I created has a shield on the orange to denote the protection aspect of it.

Whiches Brew

This was a logo designed for a tea shop that was going to be opened in Galveston Texas. The Witches boots look similar to cowboy boots and there is a play on words “Whiches Brew” that the customer came up with.


logos for every need

Bright colorful logos that are as unique as your business personality.

These are just a few customers that I have included here. If you would like for this studio to design one for you please contact us for a quote. We would love to work with you in designing something that would express your creative side and be unique to your business.