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Good Evening From The Atlanta Airport

We have made the check in and are sitting here at the terminal.

It’s a peaceful night here at the Atlanta Airport at gate F5. We are getting ready to board soon. The excitement that I am feeling for my flight is now bubbling to the surface. I am positively smiling while my fingers dance over the keyboard. We had a real debacle the first time we attempted this flight. I don’t know how we missed it by 15 minutes. Like seriously the flight left at 10;36 and we arrived at 9:15. They had just closed the counter. Oh well. It was not a plesent experance. But it allowed us to go back home and get some more of the Benevolent Dictator’s estate settled. We received his ashes back and they are sitting ready for us to gather together. He made me promise to go on this trip. To be excited and happy. To be creative and embrace life. I will.

The Studio Welcomes Our Studio Manager

So I have had to hire a studio manager. Someone who will handle my books and my bookings. Someone who has a vested interest in how the studio grows. I didn’t know I was hiring but I needed it. Please welcome my daughter Edith Marie. She jumped in and took control. She has helped so much. She has been a shoulder and a huge support. We have a lot to do so stay tuned and lets make some art.

Don’t Forget

Make sure if you are interested in getting involved in a class check out the links on my calendar You cans sign up through my sponsor Woolhouse I look forward to seeing you all.

Lots of Love Edie