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Greetings From Deutschland

Well I am here in Bad Oeynhausen.  A wonderful little town in Germany.  I hit the ground running, or perhaps painting.  Anyway, I got up early and headed out to meet and sketch and paint.  It was a fantastic day in the Werre Park . Lots of people and on lookers. It was fun and exciting. I was actually signing autographs. 


While I was painting and sketching, ( I am always doing that ), on lookers booked my classes and gathered to chat and be introduced.  

The day was a beautiful day outside and temperatures and clear skies gave a real temptation to just stay outside. We decided that Saturday would be the day that we would just rest and enjoy life before starting the larger task of painting the 6 foot eggs.  I will have some help so that will make it much easier to accomplish.  Since I missed a week of work because of the airline mishap.  


Getting Some Real Rest

Looking at the photo of me here, I see the last 4 years etched on my face. I see a human that has held on.  I won’t lie to you now and tell you that my life  is all sunny and roses. It’s hard and sometimes fear grips my soul.  I face slipping financially. I face change. I face things that I did when I was in my 20’s and I’m in my late 50’s. I face starting over.  Cultivating my art and my business. For an artist that is scary. Dealing with grief on top of that.  You see I am happiest working on my art. Working and giving people creative images that bring them joy. To do this, I have to put fear aside. The fear of bills not getting paid.  The tears the frustration. I have to get to a place of calm and joy.  I have to channel that joy that I chase, that most of us chace and translate it on to paper. 



Will I Make It? 

I don’t know. Does anybody know if they will make it or not? NO. You can have all the talent in the world and fail at making a living. You can have mediocre talent and make a huge living. It is never predictable or owed to anyone. I can tell you this. I am willing to give it my best and put myself out there to be discovered by who ever needs me. I am willing to put the time in to improve my art. What I am not willing to do is  


So lets go faithful readers. Let’s go on this adventure together and see where it lands me. Let’s see what lessons I learn and what obstacles I over come. Let’s experance the joy and the unexpected gifts that come with such a trip. Let’s be brave and walk into life and run with it. I don’t want to sit on the side lines anymore and wait on others. Let’s run with life even though we get scraped knees.  

I will leave you here

Good night my friends. Tomorrow we will be in the garden and cooking out. We will be laughing and enjoying our time together.  Getting rested and ready for the next adventure.