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Is there such thing as a good tired?


Yes, there is. However, I could do with a week or two off. This has been a whirlwind, emotionally and physically. Today, I am looking at fabric companies, all thanks to Nicola, of Woolhouse.de . I swear she should be my agent! I would gladly give her weight in gold. She is not only creative but a has a creativity in marketing. I am currently shadowing her at the H&H show in Cologne Germany. This is a wonderful show. There are so many people and potential clients that it is at times overwhelming for me. I don’t consider myself shy, but I am when I’m putting myself out there in the marketplace. The only other show I have been to recently was the Surtex show in New York, that is a licensing show. H&H markets to craft enthusiast. They offer wool and fabrics, ideal for textile art and fiber art. The textures and colors here, as well as the European taste, gives this show five stars in my humble opinion. Shops from all across Europe gather to this show. You must be invited or have a booth to enter here. Once you do, be prepared for a overload of creative stimuli in all forms.  

I have so many ideas for things this year. My ability as an artist has grown from just coming here. Regardless of any client base gathered from here, this has been a learning experience that has helped me grow as an artist. This is where I fit in. This is where I could design. This year I will be moving forward in my skill. I feel renewed, however tired I am.  If I were to give anyone advise on being an artist, it is to go and attend these kinds of shows. This is different from just an exhibition of art. There is knowledge to be gotten from those types of shows, but if you want to reach a broader scale, then I would suggest these shows. It increases your ability to design for a larger base. You have to understand the buyers for those larger bases however.  You have to learn to see the trending curves. The colors. The design. Simple or complex etc. etc.  My favorite designers are the French whimsy type, and the British and German as well.  Oh, did I forget Scandinavian and Austrian? Let’s bunch them all in as well.  Oh, it so hard to choose!  Look at others again and again, and soon you will see a path.  

Well, I have handed out cards and walked for miles here. I am going to get back to moving around and looking for new ideas. So TTFN, as Tigger would say.  I shall catch up later!