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Did I tell you

That watercolor and knitting goes together? I didn’t well it does.  How? Because I said it does and now the idea is introduced. So there you have it. Beautifully knitted socks or caps drawn with water color splashed across the paper, gently graduating into new colors.  Black ink gently outlines the creations, with handwritten instructions along with a blank page that gives the reader a place to write their own adjustments, counts or keep up with sizes. 

Ahh my mind races this morning and Nicola’s garden calls. It has been snowing off and on for the past day or so. We have been kept busy with other projects. But my eye strays to the outside. To the budding flowers, the bees that are starting to buzz and wake up from the winters sleep. Fresh smells start to float on the air and seep through any open window. The pets now smell of fresh earth when they return form their outside adventures. How can you not hear the garden call. 

A Little Review

As many of you know I knit as well as paint. I have done a little review of my favorite wool that I am currently using for a wool cap design that I am making for my friends at WoolHouse.  So how about clicking on the link and checking it out. Don’t worry we will be making the design available as well.



You Mean I have To Go Home?

My time here in Germany is drawing to a close. It saddens me that soon I will be boarding a plane and be heading back to the U.S.  With the close of one adventure another one begins and as soon as I leave Germany, I will already be making plans to return. Once again I would like to thank our studio sponcers for allowing us to stay with them.  They are fantastic.  Woolhouse a big thank you to you Nicola and Jorg who put up with us and yet invite us back each time. If you would like to become a sponcer of our studio no matter where you live then please do get in touch.  Or if you just would like to purchase some artwork then please do. A complete list of sponsors is located at the bottoms of this page. 

One of the Classes I held at the Werre Park. We had a fantastic time.

One of the Classes I held at the Werre Park. We had a fantastic time.

A bit of sadness  

It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that my inspiration for my rats, Stu, has passed away. Stu is survived by his dear brothers, Dunkin and Bat Rat.  Our big boy has gone to be with all our

other pets. Stu was an enchanted rat, he changed human lives. In my drawings it was he who Nicola saw and our friendship began. He changed a handy man’s idea about rats. He brought love to children. He traveled as a pet and a painting to Texas. His likeness traveled across the world to Germany, Britain, Ireland and the likes. He will live on in my work and in our hearts. He is the Pide Piper of Hameln. He will play of all the young rats. 

Well my faithful readers, I will leave you here. Perhaps you would like to hear a made up story about a little rat who travels the world. If so leave a comment. Until next time TTFN. 

With affection  

Edith and Rats  


Special thanks this month to our sponsors:  WoolHouse for their increadible support. Werre Park for sponsoring my exhibit . Stadt-Galerie in Hameln for their sponsorship of my eggs as well. Thank you all. 

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