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New Day

Good morning all!  I hope you have slept well and that you have woke with all your dreams remembered.  That you are ready to begin a new day and embrace the life that awaits just beyond your door.


Yesterday was a beautiful bright sunny and warm. The day was so inviting. I opened the door here to the studio and let in the sweet smell of the garden starting to bloom. The family dog accompanied me and watched me paint.  

Today is much the same.  Sun shines outside and the birds have once again started to sing and flutter past the windows. Inside the house life stirs, coffee brews, cats stretch and once again the day begins. Today however I plan a trip to Hamlin to do some painting on one of 4 eggs.  This is just a demonstration not a detailed painting.  It will give me a chance to make some adjustments on the egg.  

I can ‘t wait to share with you some of the photos that I will take of this beautiful little town. The countryside is so beautiful.  The shape of the trees are starting to take form.  Their leaves sprouting and starting to show after the sleep of winter. The homes and churchs of Hamlin and the outerlaying countryside should be beautiful today.  

Until the next post my dears,