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The First Chip


Now where was I?

Oh yes, how to chip away at a project or just chip away at life. I know that sounds so abysmal, but it is that exhaustion that we all feel when we get to this point. Now I can’t speak for everyone, so when reading this remember this is how I, one person, went forward.


I took a hard look at how I was doing things. I monitored what time I got up, how long I was on the computer. I made list as to what I was doing and what I wanted to do. Where where my long term goals in all of this and what where my short term goals to get to that point. Okay I admit that I was slightly even more depressed when I was going over these things, but I let that wash over me. I acknowledged that I had perhaps been my own worst enemy in some of the aspects when it came to not achieving what I had wanted to.

Being Honest

Now when I say that I had been partly to blame….. well that took a bit doing. You see no one likes to see those failings within themselves, but if I wasn’t honest then I couldn’t overcome what was holding me back. Once I was clear, then things started to get easier. But be prepared, once you see those cracks in your make up, you are likely to see more and more. It’s called growth.

Here are some of the things that I saw:

  1. I would put less important things at the top of the list.

  2. I didn’t know how to set up boundaries for other people and it spilled over into my work when setting up boundaries for myself (if you can’t set boundaries for others how the hell can you set them for yourself.)

  3. When following a list, I gave myself the ability to throw it away or set it aside.

  4. I would focus on other issues besides my work.

  5. I got up late.

Number 5

I Got up late. What the hey hoe?? What do you mean late? I would get up around 7 and get stated in the studio by 9 AM. I was consistent in that. Religious. I was at the door to creativity every day banging on that bitch. I could not possibly get up any earlier. What difference would that make. Oh I could not possibly. Well I could and I did. And that changed the whole game.

OKay, I believe I will leave you there. So Tomorrow when we meet up again, I will tell you how it changed my life. And believe me it did.

So as Winnie The Pooh word say TTFN


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