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Chipping Away


Chipping Away

To Move Mountains

So here we are once again. A small part of the day that I chipped out so that we could meet up and chat how a few small changes led to a few big changes. To recap from my last post, here where the issues I wanted to change.

  1. I didn’t know how to set up boundaries for other people and it spilled over into my work when setting up boundaries for myself (if you can’t set boundaries for others how the hell can you set them for yourself.)

  2. When following a list, I gave myself the ability to throw it away or set it aside.

  3. I would focus on other issues besides my work.

  4. I got up late.

So just four (4) things right? Just 4 small little things that caused me a world of hurt everyday. So I decided to commit to changing one thing.. I started to get up when I was waking up. Now remember I had just gotten back from Germany and my body was still a bit disrupted in that I was waking at around 4:30. So I decided to use that to my advantage, and just get up instead of sitting and waiting for things to get “normal”. After all what is normal but a routine established or a pattern of thought that is consistent. So this was my new normal and I embraced it, and with that implementation other things started to fall into line.

Now it was not rough. It was not hard. I just got up and gave myself no ability to get back in the bed. No “well I have been so good all week, Ill just lay in” or “Just 5 more minutes.” It was all or nothing. I just made that determination that this was it. Now, I was flying. No distractions. No hurrying to make appointments. I would create a list of things that I wanted to do and they were finished. . When I say they were finished, I mean usually by 9 AM they were crossed off and the next issues of any work load were being address and attacked. I started to see a flow rather then a damm. I started to see progress. Now I have to say that I had been in a fog for a long while. First you will remember I was a care giver and prior to that recovering from my own dealings with cancer. Had I have know this though, and how good it has worked for me, I would have implemented it even then.

I have a long way to go before I am really cooking but this is such a start. With working 6 hour days (that means finished prior to lunch time) I am able to organize my home and even get to the garden. Days feel more accomplished. Self care now comes easier and with more intent and meaning.

So as this story unfolds I will let your know other changes that have been brought about with the simple change.

Until next time

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