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Up Coming Weekend, A Winner, & This Week's Thoughts

I’m Headed To The Garden

It’s hot, muggy, and mosquito-ridden, but I am actually looking forward to getting back into the garden. I have almost gotten the leaves under control. I have to do a little more cleaning up, but it’s all coming together. The movement and the exercise makes me feel good. Alive. Active and working towards a goal. I imagine all the obstacles that I have in my life, career, work, whatever and where ever they are, and I put them in the weeds and the leaves, mold and mildew. As I pull them, rake them, and wash them, I remove those obstacles. At the end of that type of moving meditation, I get enlightenment. It might come in the form of solution, or what I need to focus or not focus on. I may get a creative idea or inspiration. Worry and resistance won’t help in problem solving. It is an experience, just like solving a puzzle in the newspaper. You pick up the newspaper and you have an experience with the puzzle. This weekend I am going to have an experience with my garden.

What Went On

This week has been busy. I have been getting together the last of the designs for the “Vegetable Patch”. I have learned so much from doing this collection; things about myself, about design, about colors. It’s been a great experience. Let’s recap. First thing that I noted about vegetables was that I love drawing them and painting them. Second is that I find it relaxing and therapeutic. I let the colors bathe my eyes and stimulate my brain. I only focus on that point where the brush meets the paper. That moment.

Spoonflower Edith Schmidt Art. Click on and check out the whole collection.

I have tried to design for a kitchen that needs some whimsy. A pop of color.

I have tried to design for a kitchen that needs some whimsy. A pop of color.

bunny veg twin bunny reflected patter -01

This Weeks Winner!

Congrats, Meggi Gerdes! We will get your package out to you with your tea towel. I hope you enjoy it! From the design to sewing it up, all things have the intention of bring joy.

That about wraps everything up for this week. More proofs are ordered so there will be more give aways. Our next give away will be in August. I’m thinking about adding a little more to the giveaway, possibly a mug or apron, so stay tuned to this little artist! I’m slowly but surly getting my shit together.

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