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Working Through Blocks, Artistic or Otherwise

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Working through Blocks

Tips, tricks, and warning signs, oh my!

Who doesn’t have blocks? Please, if you don’t then please comment below and let us know your secret. I think everyone has a block at sooner than later. . Something that comes up from time to time that seems to rob you of your creative flow. Here are a few things I do to get back into the flow.

  • Get up! Organize or clean something.

    Sometimes the simple act of cleaning or organization will help. I start with he intention of clearing space. Clearing my blocks. Then I start cleaning and organizing a room or a drawer. Clearing out my email box or going though and filing and scanning mail. All the while I am cleaning I hold my intention of being closer to clearing away that block.

  • I visit a friend.

    My BFF and I always get tother and catch up. Being that she is an artist too, we always encourage each other. We chat and talk about things that have gone on that week or what we want to do with our art. Some times those very conversations will clear a lot.

  • I head for the books store.

    Looking at the book covers and just letting those creations sit in my brain and cook a bit starts to clear the block. I also pull a few of my favorite magazines as well to do some light reading. Breathe, Calm, Where She Creates, Mindful studio, In her Studio, Bitch magazine. The colors the illustrations and the articles all go into putting the good oil into the brain for not only inspiration but keeping up with what is selling.

  • Self Care

    Self care can mean a lot of things from taking a mental health day to just going to the gym or getting your nails done. It is the investment of time and effort to your self. Just think about this, if you don’t want to invest in yourself who does?

  • Time

    All these suggestions are making use of time and effort with intention mixed in. To sit at your desk when things are not flowing and focusing on why things are not flowing, is akin to a child wanting a cookie before dinner. Sitting there for hours not doing something is worse than just taking the needed time to restart your connection to that creative universe. That creative universe may have just said you need a break.

All of these suggestions have to be done with intention. With out intention, it’s a waist of time. Take a moment each day and check in with “you”. See what is going on with you. Just you. Close your eyes and just sit quietly for a moment. Let all the problems just stop for a moment. Focus on just yourself. Check your body and see if you need to address anything thing there. Check your mind and emotions. Are you balanced, feeling more one way than the other. If something pops into your mind like relationships or bill paying then just set it aside and bring the focus back to you. After that see where you may need to adjust something. You get it right. You have to work at yourself and get to know what your needs are.

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The Signs

Feelings let your brain know something needs your attention.

What are the signs? How do you know? Well its different for everyone. It helps if you have been taking time to get to know yourself. Know your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Knowing your ego’s voice as well as your higher self. You have to know when you start feeling that anxiety, that it’s telling you that there may be something wrong. Something that you need to attend to right now. Kind of like that oil light or gas light in the car. Your attention is needed.

What prescription is the best?

For me it was knowing the difference between “attention” and “distraction”. When to use one and when to use the other and when to use both. Yes distraction, play time, game time, sit and read a book or watch a movie time. Attention, know what is wrong, what is needed, and seeing a means in which to get it. When to use both, hey when the alarms are going off and you don’t know what to do then do both. Take a BREAK and PLAY. Laugh, cry, dance. Do what every it takes but have fun doing it. Just relax. When you do, the door to the studio and the creative door will be open to you.

What are some of your “recharge” choices? Comment below and let’s chat.