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Studio Move

Returning Home

After spending 6 weeks working in Germany we returned home. First I want to say thank you again to Wool House for sponsoring us. They went above and beyond for us. Work was a fantastic experience. I had never created murals on 6’ (foot) eggs before. It was a fantastic learning experience. Just brilliant.

Coming home brought up feelings. We were both a bit numb. The desire to start traveling again was in our minds. That would be only natural due to the severe loss we had just experienced with the passing of my husband. Now we would have to deal with that stark reality. The clothes still hung in the closets. His paper work still at his desk. Shoes and things exactly where he left them. This was now our reality. It took us a few days to unpack and start the process of assessing what we needed to do like bills and cancelations of cards etc. He was a planner and much was already paved out and notes left. This is the shadows that we lived in for the first few weeks. As we have moved through this valley things got better and better. I am still sorting trough issues but it’s a bit brighter.

An Idea formed

As I was taking my luggage up to the studio to unpack, an idea quickly scampered through my head. What if I moved my studio down stairs, but where. The TV room, no, the living room? NO too exposed. But the dinning room. Yes that would be a great spot. The light, the room, the fact it is just off of the kitchen and we have not used it but to store the china closet and the dinning room table. That would be a great use of that room. So I set out to sell the dining room furniture. 500$ just take it. What do you think happened. No one wanted it. What was II going to do? Just give it away? The idea did cross my mind up until I thought of chalk paint. I went to Lowes and purchase 60$ worth of chalk paint and supplies and repainted my entire dining room furniture white. The effect was immediate. The vibration level came up 200%. Suddenly I was making my way into another metamorphosis in my creative life.

Here are so wonderful photos of my studio.

You can see by these images I have left everything out. All my paints and inks are placed in the china closet. This enables me to see exactly what I have and then enables me to devote more to the creative process then searching or forgetting that I have some a particular medium. Markers, brushes, textures, glazes, all have a place. Not only do I have one china closet but I actually have two in this studio. Ill give you an up close and personal tour my next post.

As I close out this post I want to thank you so much for following me. For putting up with my on and off again posting. I am truly trying to be more consistent. Its hard to find your voice in the midst of all that we have gone through, but I think that I may have found it now. I am emerging my own person. Mrs Schmidt is becoming more Edith Schmidt Art LLC now. With a different mindset. My own person. Its scary but its fun. So hang on and hang in there with me.

Love to all



Whats Defusing in the studio

Being an artist I am a vey sensual person. Smell, textures, colors, patterns, shapes all inspire me. they all add to my well being. That is why I like to defuse while I am creating. It helps me focus and immerse myself in my work. This has become a part of my daily ritual when coming into the studio. Every day or week I change up the oils that I use to what I feel inspired to do. When clients come in they are quickly taken to that area in my imagination, they get a powerful presentation of color and story as well as smell. So if I am painting a garden they smell the lilacs or honeysuckle. It also provides a pleasant space to just relax and remain open to possibilities. So with that said I thought that I would share with you what smells come from the heart of the operation. If you would like to benefit yourself with these oils then just click on the Link HERE and it will take you to the order site. Ask about military kits as well.

Edith Schmidt