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Tarot, Oracle Cards

Looking for some beautiful and inspired art work to add to you daily affirmations? Here you will find just that. The lovely words of Sharen and my artwork deliver 52 cards that will inspire weeks of positive energetic movement to aid as an empowerment to creative manifesting.

Tarot / Oracle Cards

Soulebration Prayer Deck

Soulebration Prayer Deck


Soulebration Prayer Deck

Love your Life. Express your Soul.

The Soulebration Prayer Deck (52 cards) has been created to connect you to your Divine potential. These beautifully created cards can be interpreted intuitively or following the accompanied guidebook including invocations to help you tap into the universal energy and claim the life you truly want to have. For those that enjoy weekly affirmations the cards inspire 52 weeks of positive energetic movement to aid as an empowerment to creative manifesting.

The original artwork was created by highly acclaimed international artist Edith Schmidt www.edithschmidtart.com

The card deck and guide book were written and inspired by internationally acclaimed psychic medium Sharon Renae www.sharonrenae.com

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You get 52 images that inspire and uplift you. These brightly colored images were created from a very dark time in my life, but they are anything but dark. When Sharen and I placed them all around her living room the day I finished I was amazed at the woman I was. It was like meeting myself for the first time. These cards truly came from my soul. Started when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and completed when I was finished with my treatment. These cards are hopeful, bright and creative. I truly channeled her words into art. Pull one in the morning, to get the day stated with intention. They come with a book that helps you get a clear meaning of the cards. Soon you will setting each day with a goal in mind.